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What do you know about the Rituals of a Bengali Wedding

The wedding ceremony that takes place in the state of Bengal between Bengali people is popularly addressed as Bengali wedding. A Bengali wedding is known to take place in an elaborate fashion making it a long event. What makes the Bengali wedding long and elaborate are the number of rituals and ceremonies that take place during the wedding.


All rituals that take place pre wedding, during wedding and post wedding offer ample of opportunities for the family members to spend fun moments together. Another thing about all Bengali wedding rituals is that each one of them is meaningful as well as interesting.

Read further to know more about Bengali wedding rituals and their significance in the life of the bride and groom and their families. This post is brought to you by Mr Samal from Middleton Chamber, a popular banquet halls in kolkata for reception and other events.


The pre-wedding customs start with Ashirwaad ritual, where elders from both the families visit each other’s place to bless the bride and the groom. The sprinkle husked rice and trefoil over the bride’s and groom’s head. Also, gold ornaments are exchanged. This ritual symbolizes acceptance of the new relation.

Aai Budo Bhaat

Aai Budo Bhaat is a name to the bachelor party for the bride. This is to have some fun time with relatives and friends.

Holud Kota

The next ritual is Holud Kota. It is time for five or seven married women of the family to prepare turmeric paste. Then, they apply this turmeric paste to the bride so as to brighten up the bride’s complexion and add glow to her face. This ritual is more commonly addressed as ‘Haldi’ ritual in Hindus while Bengalis call it as ‘Holud Kota’.

Dodhi Mongol

On the wedding day, seven married ladies make the bride ready with traditional bangles Shakha and Paula. This ritual is known as ‘Dodhi Mongol’. These ladies also feed the bride with a curd and rice.

Bor Jatri

The main wedding rituals begin with the custom of ‘Bor Jatri’, where members from the groom’s family come to the bride’s house. All of them get dressed in their best attire and arrive at the bride’s place from where the wedding is going to take place.

Bor Boron

As the groom’s people reach the bride’s place, the mother of the bride along with other family members welcome them with earthen lamps, trefoil and husked rice that are placed on a bamboo winnow. This is known as ‘Bor Boron’. All members from the groom’s family are served with sweets and drinks.

Potto Bastra

This is followed by the ritual of ‘Potto Bastra’, where the groom is offered new clothes from the bride’s side, ‘Saat Paak’, where the bride who sits on ‘piri’ is lifted by her brothers and takes seven rounds around the groom, ‘Mala Badal’, where the bride and the groom exchange garlands and ‘Subho Dristi’ where the couple looks at each other.


Then begin the real rituals including ‘Sampradanby the elderly male member from the bride’s family, ‘Yagna’, ‘Saat Paak’  that are commonly known as ‘saat phere’, ‘Sindoor Daan’ and ‘Ghomta’.


The couple gets wedded for life officially this way. And the wedding is followed by the ritual of ‘Bidaai’ where the bride bids adieu to her family and starts her journey to a new life with her beau.

July 2015

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6 reasons to explore Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a desert city of Rajasthan. It is an important stopover for all the caravans that are passing through the great Thar Desert.


There are also several fairy tale sights in the city that are worth exploring. Here are some reasons why you should visit Jaisalmer at least once in your life time.

Visit Jaisalmer Fort

The Jaisalmer Fort is located atop a small hill. However it is because of this golden fort that the city has got its name, the Golden City of Rajasthan. The look and the feel of the golden fort are simply mesmerizing.  The fort is surrounded by high three layered walls all around it and has around 99 bastions and gateways to enter the fort. The Jaisalmer Fort had been immortalized by the great Indian film maker Mr Satyajit Ray in his award winning movie, “Sonar Kella”.

Visit Diwan Nath Mahal ki Haveli

The Diwan Nath Mahal ki Haveli is one of most notable tourist attractions of Jaisalmer. It is also known as the Nathmal Ji ki haveli. The building structure is known for its miniature and architecture. The Haveli is known for its grand architecture and minute details of appreciation. Very interestingly, it is to be noted that the building structure is not at all symmetrical. But nonetheless, it depicts a superior blend of Rajputana architecture along with that of the Islamic architectural brilliance.

Spend a night at the Sam Sand Dunes

The Sam Sand Dunes is one of the major tourist attractions in Jaisalmer. It is one of the gateways to the great Thar Desert. You can choose to stay put at one of the numerous desert tents in Jaisalmer Dunes area for a night and go exploring the Thar Desert on a camel safari the next morning. Enjoy the evening with the local folk music and dance along with a bonfire.

I will suggest to stay at a desert resort in Jaisalmer rather then a city hotel as there aren’t not many destinations in Rajasthan or India which can offer such a unique holiday experience.

Stay at Suryagarh

The Suryagarh is a fort turned into a luxurious hotel. It is located right next to the Sam sand dunes and is the right choice for you if you want to explore the desert city of Jaisalmer. The hotel boasts of beautifully blended Rajputana architecture and style and is a great place to spend some of your best holidaying moments in the city.

Visit Patwon ki Haveli

The Patwon ki Haveli is the highest fort in the city. It is actually a cluster of five different havelis that are built with a common terrace. This special architecture gives the structure a unique look and feel. This haveli was originally built by five merchant brothers in the 19th century.

Move towards Bikaner

Bikaner is just around 330 km away from Jaisalmer. The city boasts of a rich cultural heritage and a historical background. It is known for its imposing palaces and the stunning temples, the amazng forts and the major tourist attractions like Junagarh Fort and the Lalgarh Palace and museum. There is also the Gajner Palace which is worth a visit. You can also go for the camel safari from Bikaner or the Gajner wildlife safari.

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New delhi to agra

How to Reach Travel Agra from Delhi

Delhi and Agra are two beautiful cities known for their heritage and historical significance. These cities have marked to be important cities since the rule of Emperors hosting a lot of ancient monuments.

When planning to travel to the Mughlai city Agra from the capital city Delhi you can travel either by train, bus or air and visit the popular fascinations around this region.

So in this post we the team of Pitrashish Pride Hotel near New Delhi International Airport have tried our level best to present every possible action a traveler takes to reach Agra from our city New Delhi along with some helpful resources like the train names, flight names, good accommodation options and finally some must see destinations which once can’t skip.

I hope that my post will be helpful if you are planning to spend a holiday at Agra. And I would also offer extra discount for the readers of this post on Pitrashish Pride Hotel near udyog vihar gurgaon.

How to each Agra by Train

Agra Tarin

Trains are the most popular mode of travelling which usually takes two to four hours to get you to Agra covering the 208.5 kms distance between the two cities.

1.2 Important information for taking up trains from Delhi to Agra:

NDLS , full form is New Delhi Railway Station is the main railway station of the capital Delhi which is near to Paharganj, a popular destination for hotels. But the trains from Agra depart to Delhi from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station that is about 20 minutes drive from the NDLS railway station. And the main station in Agra is Agra Cantt. Continue Reading →

January 2015

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Jhadol Safari Resort, Udaipur

My favourite luxury resort in rajasthan

Rajasthan is a land of love, luxury and lavishing cuisine and most of the people who travel to Rajasthan tend to visit different parts of Rajasthan. So it is our duty to share the best luxury resorts in Rajasthan with you. What are we waiting for? Lets get started!

Jhadol Safari Resort, Udaipur

Jhadol Safari Resort, Udaipur

The fifth in our list is a decent resort in Udaipur. The Jhadol Safari Resort is situated on the banks of a lake and surrounded by Aravalli hills. The air in this is as cool as there are lots of fauna is that area. Continue Reading →


November 2014

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New Delhi Trip


It had always been our dream to make a trip to New Delhi with my girlfriend, and when this came to a reality, the experience was a memorable one. The fact that India has some of the most attractive tourist sites in the world was not the only reason why our day was livened up. The diverse cultures of the Indian people that are fully enriched with various unique aspects regarding well-mannered treatment of people, made us feel at home. Their interactive nature totally impacted on us and we felt accepted and part of their society. These could be judged from the various treatments we received in their various social amenities. In addition, Indian social facilities are fully equipped with a state of the art elegance that seems to reflect the rich cultures of the Indian people.

New Delhi Trip

After a long flight to New Delhi, we were now in our dream city. The sunny morning was quite inviting. We decided to do some shopping and the place to do it was no other than M Block Market in Greater Kailah. To our surprise the facility offered almost everything that a standard mall can offer. It is popular for fast snacks and collections of western fashion clothes. It was our choice since it is located a short walk from the place we were to spend the night. It also has jewellery shops that sell Indian ornaments; I even bought a ring for my girl. The items here also come at an affordable price.

We had done a lot of research on where we were going to spend the night after the close of our grand day. Hotel GTC in South Delhi was our next stop which is a very good hotel in south delhi. Located south of New Delhi the hotel was our most preferred as it offered the desired services, as we had learnt from their online website. Notably, it features spacious rooms which are decorated in beautiful Indian art, a restaurant, free breakfast as well as fulltime hotel service assistance. We were really surprised at other additional features we were not really expecting. The hotel rooms are equipped with air conditioners, clean bathrooms with bathrobes and toiletries, a television, a phone as well as free Wi-Fi. Another unlikely feature that caught our attention was a coffee maker that allows guests to prepare a drink for themselves. The hotel is surely the best place to take a nap in India. I will say that GTC is a cheap hotel in greater kailash delhi but the service here is excellent.

Lunch was the next thing we had to take before resuming our tour. The janpath hotel was our next stop which is located at Lutyen . The place has indisputably the best chefs in India. All sorts of foods are offered here especially the Indian indigenous meals. The tables are equipped with an eye catching la carte menu that comes in handy to help you make the right choice of meal for you. Surprisingly, the janpath hotel also offers meals from other cultures like the Chinese and Italians. The free desserts are also luring bait for customers. Nevertheless we enjoyed our meal.

After whole day of strolling and exploring New Delhi, we decided to watch a movie so as to pass time since it was still too early for bed. I did a few inquiries and learnt that PVR Plaza, Delhi was the most preferred cinema point for most of our interviewees. Watching a film at PVR Plaza is a feeling like no other. Located at Cannaught Palace, the facility features one large screen. It also has a dumbfounding sitting capacity, and very comfortable seats. The tickets also as I learnt can be purchase online.

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The Living Natural Root Bridges in Meghalaya

Come to India and enjoy the beautiful travel delights here in this part of the world. Visit the most unique destinations here and also experience the pleasures of a land that has the best kind of delights. Visually a kaleidoscope of energy and vibrancy, the states of India offer some of the best tour delights in this part of the world in India. Meghalaya in India is a great place to visit with the best sights that could be offered for all the tourists here. Continue Reading →

October 2014

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Places to see in Delhi

Top awesome places to spend an evening around delhi

The capital of India, Delhi provides you the romantic ways and best venues through which you can make your loved one have a memorable time.  If you are in Delhi with your wife or with your Girlfriend, then you will be looking some romantic or awesome places to spend an evening with your loved one. New Delhi is a more exciting place with many options to entertain, besides buildings and monuments. In this article, you will come to know some of the best place for couples in Delhi to spend an evening.

Garden of Five senses

Garden of Five senses

For serene and tranquillity, the Garden of Five Senses will surely provide with the peace and quit environment which will give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy as a couple in the evening in many romantic ways. The garden is situated near to the Mehrauli heritage area in New Delhi. It is many attractive features which makes it different from other garden in Delhi. Continue Reading →

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Welcome to my blog

Sweet 16 Cafe. Noida favourite food blog

Howdy all. I am Karen, a food blogger and an Australian citizen staying in Noida. My blog is a brand new destination to share my and your thoughts on food as its the thoughts which gave India its independence and its the thoughts which will make sure that my food blog is a hit in Noida. Yeah I think Local. Continue Reading →

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