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Fun at Delhi

Fun Places for Youngsters in Delhi by Avijit Bose

Delhi is Hot, Cool, Wet in monsoons and believe me that Delhi is an ultimate destination for Youngsters. So today I have Avijit bose from Pitrashish Hotels Karol Bagh Delhi and he is the GM of this Hotel.

Why Avijit is the right person to comment on Fun Places for Youngsters in Delhi because he deals with couples from Delhi and outside Delhi on daily basis for room accommodation and these lovely couples want to explore our beautiful Delhi.

So lets get started…

Fun and Food Village, Gurgaon

Fun and Food Village, Gurgaon

Fun and Food Village in the Old Delhi Road, Gurgaon is a water themed amusement park owned by the Polo Amuse Park Limited of the Polo Group of Companies.

Kids will surely enjoy the rides and the waves during a couple of school breaks or somehow get out of the city’s hustle and bustle for a day.

A normal bask in the pool water will never tire someone, and to kids, the adrenaline rush from different rides will make them scream with too much excitement.

Food court is also available for snacking and breakfast and lunch meals that are made chiefly to entice the little ones. Fun and Food Village is an excellent place to hang out for a family day affair.

M Block Market, Greater Kailash

GK 2 M block market

The mall culture that has swept the western world twenty years ago is starting a fresh start in India these days. Going to the malls is a fun way of treating little kids during Saturdays or Sundays. Malls offer everything and M Block Market is of no exception. Children can find all their heart’s desires at M Block Market at Greater Kailash from toys, clothing, shoes, and food. M Block Market is a one stop shop for everyone with a variety of stuff to shop and choose from. Kids will surely love this place.

Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon

Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon

A spectacular destination for theater performances and leisure, Kingdom of Dreams has made a name in the industry of entertaining a lot of people. Children will love to watch entertainments that are shown at Kingdom of Dreams like magic shows, comedy musicals, and even puppet shows at some point. Even the architectural design of the whole place will wow the little ones, and would think they are in a magical world of Harry Potter and some sorts. Food establishments are also available so it would not become a problem.

Doll Museum Delhi

Girls love their dolls, and the Shankar’s international Doll Museum is like a dream place for them. Dolls from all around the globe are exhibited here, so the small ladies will learn more about the culture and tradition of other countries as well, other than feasting their eyes on the dolls. Most of the doll collections are very old and probably from the bygone era, the museum is housed to the largest collection of dolls the world has ever seen. Boys would also be interested to visit Doll Museum in Mumbai as these memoirs of the past are mere reflection of how important they are in upholding a nation’s unique identity to the world.

FINS Camps, Faridabad

FINS or Fun in Nature’s School, is a Camp School for children of ages 9-17. It offers several wonderful sport and adventure activities such as archery, shooting, hiking, camping, crafts and pottery making, painting, rappelling, rafting, biking, rock climbing, zorbing, and many others that children gets to enjoy. Children will not only get to enjoy these outdoor fun activities, but they will also learn the value of hardwork and leadership to nurture them to become quality citizens of tomorrow. Camp duration is about a week and is open during Sundays but camps are organized whole year round.

Worlds of Wonder, Noida

World of Wonder in Noida is an amusement park that offers different activities. It has different rides to offer, go karts, and even a water park. World of Wonder is said to be the best amusement park anyone has ever seen in India. The park is divided to two zonal areas, the Road Show which houses the rides and other leisure entertainment, while the la Fiesta zone is the kids and family zone for a total family experience. The best part of this zone is the swan boat that can relax the mind of the parents while the kids get to enjoy the rides. Children will enjoy being at Worlds of Wonder during birthdays as the park hosts themed parties and birthday celebrations. A treat to Worlds of Wonder is a perfect treat for the little ones, indeed.

Delhi Zoo

Delhi Zoo

Delhi Zoo or the National Zoological Park Delhi is a sprawling green place and home to a large collection of birds and animal species. Children can see a lot of animals that are exhibited on the right side of the enclosed space such as black bears, rhinos, antelopes, giraffes, buffalos, crocodiles, leopards, and even white tiger. There is no need to get out of India and go to Africa to experience the true safari experience. On the left side of the entrance, migratory birds and other animals can be seen on the like hyenas, peafowl, jaguars, and macaques. Kids can learn more about the animals and how they live in their semi- natural environment.

Deer Park, Delhi

Another place to enjoy nature’s creatures is the Deer Park in Delhi named after the famed social worker Aditya Nath Jha. A place near Hauz Khas Village is a good place to walk in the morning with the little kids. The serenity of the place will surely be likened by the kids especially that deers walk past the lush greenery and ducks and swans romantically navigate the tranquil waters with dexterity. This is a paradise for nature lovers and a good way to make children be impressed with nature’s little touch of glory and beauty. Picnics are best done at the green grass around the park, or dine at some of the restaurants available at the vicinity for lunch with the kids instead.

Aapno Ghar, Gurgaon

Aapno Ghar is not just another them park to tickle one’s fancy. It is an amusement park that offers fun rides to children and Water Park as well. The rides may not be all that fancy and exhilarating to some, but it will definitely be an enjoyable one to children from toddler to school age. There are not a lot of people going to Aapno Ghar, so a family can take advantage of that situation to enjoy the pool that is not as crowded as other Water Parks in India. Foods are excellent in taste here at Aapno Ghar, so take advantage of that one too.

Family Lunch at India gate [and pride feeling of India Gate]

India Gate, originally called the All India War Memorial, is a masterfully laid structure that stands more than 40 meters high. It is an archway that is compared to the Arc de Triomphe of France. Families are gathered near the India Gate on weekends to enjoy the gate itself. Childre gets to enjoy being near the gate with their parents as it is a very important landmark of India for all lifetime. A family lunch here will bring a feeling of pride and honor to each Indian family. As they face towards the most well known structure that has spared everyone from despair in great magnitude.

April 2015

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New delhi to agra

How to Reach Travel Agra from Delhi

Delhi and Agra are two beautiful cities known for their heritage and historical significance. These cities have marked to be important cities since the rule of Emperors hosting a lot of ancient monuments.

When planning to travel to the Mughlai city Agra from the capital city Delhi you can travel either by train, bus or air and visit the popular fascinations around this region.

So in this post we the team of Pitrashish Pride Hotel near New Delhi International Airport have tried our level best to present every possible action a traveler takes to reach Agra from our city New Delhi along with some helpful resources like the train names, flight names, good accommodation options and finally some must see destinations which once can’t skip.

I hope that my post will be helpful if you are planning to spend a holiday at Agra. And I would also offer extra discount for the readers of this post on Pitrashish Pride Hotel near udyog vihar gurgaon.

How to each Agra by Train

Agra Tarin

Trains are the most popular mode of travelling which usually takes two to four hours to get you to Agra covering the 208.5 kms distance between the two cities.

1.2 Important information for taking up trains from Delhi to Agra:

NDLS , full form is New Delhi Railway Station is the main railway station of the capital Delhi which is near to Paharganj, a popular destination for hotels. But the trains from Agra depart to Delhi from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station that is about 20 minutes drive from the NDLS railway station. And the main station in Agra is Agra Cantt.

1.3 Important trains between Delhi and Agra:

12002 Bhopal Shatabdi:

This train holds to be the fastest running morning train from Delhi to Agra. It departs New Delhi Railway Station at 6:15a.m. arriving Agra at 8:12a.m., taking less than 2 hours in total. However, the fair for 1AC executive class is Rs.1,000 and for CC is Rs.505. This train runs at all days except Friday.

2280 Taj Express Super fast:

It runs every day from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station, Delhi at 7:10a.m. and reaches Agra at 10:07a.m. The fare in CC is Rs.365 and in 2S is Rs.100.

2279 Taj Express:

This train departs from Agra at 6:55p.m. every day reaching back to Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station, Delhi at 10p.m.

12001 NDLS Shatabdi:

It departs Agra at 8.30p.m. reaching New Delhi Railway Station, Delhi at 10.30 p.m., daily except Friday. This marks to be the fastest train running from Agra to Delhi covering the distance in 2 hours.

These are considered the most reliable trains between the two cities and most likely to run on their scheduled time. Other than these, you can also find some more sleeper trains running between Delhi and Agra by searching through the Indian Railways website.

How to reach Agra by road

Taj Expressway

It will take you 2 hrs.55 mins. drive via the Taj Express Highway also known as Yamuna Expressway covering roughly 210 kms. You may also take up buses (AC or non-AC) like Volvo or the private travel ones like Kalpana travels, India travels, etc. or hire a private cab (that would be a bit expensive though) from Delhi to Agra.

Volvo buses usually take up to 3hrs, while the local and other private buses may take up to 4hrs.30mins to reach Agra via expressway.

You can board the buses in Delhi from any of these points: Hotel Taurus, IGI Terminal ISBT, Kashmiri Gate, Red Fort, Shivaji Stadium, Dhaula Kuan or IFFCO chowk which is in Gurgaon.

The first bus in the morning departs Delhi at 6:30a.m. and the last one that departs Delhi is at 06:30 p.m.

How to reach Agra by Air

There are many flights which starts from New Delhi and land at Taj city Agra each day. The fare ranges between Rs.3527 and Rs.3737 usually. Some popular flights are:

  • Flight number AI9624 Air India departs from Delhi at 11:00a.m and reaches Agra at 11:35a.m every day.
  • Flight number AI9628 departs Delhi at 11:25a.m and lands Agra at 12:10p.m.

You can book your flight online.

Good Resorts on Delhi Agra Highway

Country Inn Kosi

When on way to Agra from Delhi, you can relax at some wonderful resorts that fall on way including The Orchha Resort that is known for being located in zero pollution area.

Country Inn Kosi is another nice resort that lies on the Delhi Mathura Agra highway and has about 8 acres of landscaped lawns. This is a good place to stay if you want to visit the religious Mathura and Brindavan.

Resort Wyndham Grand Agra, Madhu Resorts and Hotel Goverdhan Palace are few other names in the list.

There are some good hotel options to which you can choose and I will suggest you to have a look at to know about hotels and resorts as this site shares reviews from guests who have stayed in these hotels and resorts.

Good Places to Visit near Delhi and Agra

Places to Visit near Delhi and Agra

When on a Delhi Agra trip, Mathura is a must visit place. Famous for being the birth place of Lord Krishna, Mathura has immense religious significance and is therefore a prominent spiritual tourist destination.

The Ram Bagh Garden is known for being the very first Mughal Garden that was built in India. It has its very own unique style of design that attracts people reflecting the love that Mughals had for nature. Fatehpur Sikri is another place to see.

Enjoy a happy Delhi Agra ride relishing all that comes on way. This Delhi Agra route has a lot to offer, not to forget the sumptuous dishes that are a popularity of these two beautiful cities.

January 2015

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Jhadol Safari Resort, Udaipur

My favourite luxury resort in rajasthan

Rajasthan is a land of love, luxury and lavishing cuisine and most of the people who travel to Rajasthan tend to visit different parts of Rajasthan. So it is our duty to share the best luxury resorts in Rajasthan with you. What are we waiting for? Lets get started!

Jhadol Safari Resort, Udaipur

Jhadol Safari Resort, Udaipur

The fifth in our list is a decent resort in Udaipur. The Jhadol Safari Resort is situated on the banks of a lake and surrounded by Aravalli hills. The air in this is as cool as there are lots of fauna is that area. Continue Reading →


November 2014

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New Delhi Trip


It had always been our dream to make a trip to New Delhi with my girlfriend, and when this came to a reality, the experience was a memorable one. The fact that India has some of the most attractive tourist sites in the world was not the only reason why our day was livened up. The diverse cultures of the Indian people that are fully enriched with various unique aspects regarding well-mannered treatment of people, made us feel at home. Their interactive nature totally impacted on us and we felt accepted and part of their society. These could be judged from the various treatments we received in their various social amenities. In addition, Indian social facilities are fully equipped with a state of the art elegance that seems to reflect the rich cultures of the Indian people.

New Delhi Trip

After a long flight to New Delhi, we were now in our dream city. The sunny morning was quite inviting. We decided to do some shopping and the place to do it was no other than M Block Market in Greater Kailah. To our surprise the facility offered almost everything that a standard mall can offer. It is popular for fast snacks and collections of western fashion clothes. It was our choice since it is located a short walk from the place we were to spend the night. It also has jewellery shops that sell Indian ornaments; I even bought a ring for my girl. The items here also come at an affordable price.

We had done a lot of research on where we were going to spend the night after the close of our grand day. Hotel GTC in South Delhi was our next stop which is a very good hotel in south delhi. Located south of New Delhi the hotel was our most preferred as it offered the desired services, as we had learnt from their online website. Notably, it features spacious rooms which are decorated in beautiful Indian art, a restaurant, free breakfast as well as fulltime hotel service assistance. We were really surprised at other additional features we were not really expecting. The hotel rooms are equipped with air conditioners, clean bathrooms with bathrobes and toiletries, a television, a phone as well as free Wi-Fi. Another unlikely feature that caught our attention was a coffee maker that allows guests to prepare a drink for themselves. The hotel is surely the best place to take a nap in India. I will say that GTC is a cheap hotel in greater kailash delhi but the service here is excellent.

Lunch was the next thing we had to take before resuming our tour. The janpath hotel was our next stop which is located at Lutyen . The place has indisputably the best chefs in India. All sorts of foods are offered here especially the Indian indigenous meals. The tables are equipped with an eye catching la carte menu that comes in handy to help you make the right choice of meal for you. Surprisingly, the janpath hotel also offers meals from other cultures like the Chinese and Italians. The free desserts are also luring bait for customers. Nevertheless we enjoyed our meal.

After whole day of strolling and exploring New Delhi, we decided to watch a movie so as to pass time since it was still too early for bed. I did a few inquiries and learnt that PVR Plaza, Delhi was the most preferred cinema point for most of our interviewees. Watching a film at PVR Plaza is a feeling like no other. Located at Cannaught Palace, the facility features one large screen. It also has a dumbfounding sitting capacity, and very comfortable seats. The tickets also as I learnt can be purchase online.

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The Living Natural Root Bridges in Meghalaya

Come to India and enjoy the beautiful travel delights here in this part of the world. Visit the most unique destinations here and also experience the pleasures of a land that has the best kind of delights. Visually a kaleidoscope of energy and vibrancy, the states of India offer some of the best tour delights in this part of the world in India. Meghalaya in India is a great place to visit with the best sights that could be offered for all the tourists here.

Natural Root Bridges in Meghalaya

Deep in the forests of the Indian subcontinent there are some fascinating structures on earth which give you the best travel delights and the most fascinating visual treats for a tourist here. Meghalaya brings forth to you the incredible root bridges which are not only natural structures but absolutely lovely living structures. These are one of the best examples of living architecture here. the bridges were initially constructed by people from the nearby villages around the lovely Cherrapunjee region. The bridge was built with stones and tree trunks and then the roots of the Indian Rubber tree were used . the Bridges then gradually got encased in the roots thus bringing about a living structure that is today a major highway for the Meghalaya inhabitants. Continue Reading →

October 2014

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Places to see in Delhi

Top awesome places to spend an evening around delhi

The capital of India, Delhi provides you the romantic ways and best venues through which you can make your loved one have a memorable time.  If you are in Delhi with your wife or with your Girlfriend, then you will be looking some romantic or awesome places to spend an evening with your loved one. New Delhi is a more exciting place with many options to entertain, besides buildings and monuments. In this article, you will come to know some of the best place for couples in Delhi to spend an evening.

Garden of Five senses

Garden of Five senses

For serene and tranquillity, the Garden of Five Senses will surely provide with the peace and quit environment which will give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy as a couple in the evening in many romantic ways. The garden is situated near to the Mehrauli heritage area in New Delhi. It is many attractive features which makes it different from other garden in Delhi.

Indraprastha Park

Indraprastha Park

Enjoy some time in Indraprastha Park is also known as Millennium Park. It is an ideal spot for couples to enjoy the company of each other. It has a natural beauty filled with beautiful trees, flowers and it is located on the Outer Ring Road in the Delhi east. This park includes include an amphitheatre, a food court and a children’s park.

PVR Anupam Complex

PVR Anupam Complex

If you are looking for an evening hangout spot with some romantic moments, then the PVR Anupam Complex offers a venue filled with coffee shops, unique restaurants and also bars. This place is loved by everyone in Delhi. You can enjoy in the bars and can get a variety of foods in the restaurants.

Spend your evening at a concert

auditoriums in Delhi

Music is the best way to reduce stress and to relax for many of us. There are so many auditoriums in Delhi, which host variety of recreational and cultural concerts throughout the year. Thus, listening to a good musical concert in the evening will be another way of entertainment in New Delhi.

Nehru Park

Nehru Park New Delhi

Nehru Park will offer you a wonderful green park, which is a best place to Hangout with friends. It is one of the best famous parks in the capital and also a best picnic spot. It is nicely landscaped and spread over an area of 85 acres. It is an absolute must see for anyone visiting New Delhi.

New Delhi is a city which offers so much to do and see. You should visit the city and explore yourself and find what suits you the best. There are also some famous Refreshment joints like Haldiram’s, Barista and McDonald’s, where you would love to visit with friends for a cup of coffee. So, if you have planned to visit Delhi then visit all the above mentioned places for the better experience. These places are the best places to enjoy time with your friends or family members.

The only thing which we don;t have in Delhi is ocean. If there was I would have shared this.

Ocean in Delhi

Also check out this site to know more bout delhi – wikitravel

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Welcome to my blog

Sweet 16 Cafe. Noida favourite food blog

Howdy all. I am Karen, a food blogger and an Australian citizen staying in Noida. My blog is a brand new destination to share my and your thoughts on food as its the thoughts which gave India its independence and its the thoughts which will make sure that my food blog is a hit in Noida. Yeah I think Local.

So what sort of content I am cooking here:

Well nothing personal but I need content in India its food and would love to post content which can help a food blogger or a person who wants to built a career in Indian Food Industry. This is the real goal of this food blog.

Why I started this food blog:

Well in Noida Saturday and Sunday are lame days. So I travel regularly and cook as its my passion. This passion of mine gave me an idea to start this blog. So thats the story behind my cuisine blog.

Want to connect and cook?:

Yep! Lets connect and cook. If you are a food blogger or run a food business than contact me asap…. Let write some epic stories and share some sweet yummy cuisine stories.

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