Thursday, 16 October 2014

Top awesome places to spend an evening around delhi

The capital of India, Delhi provides you the romantic ways and best venues through which you can make your loved one have a memorable time.  If you are in Delhi with your wife or with your Girlfriend, then you will be looking some romantic or awesome places to spend an evening with your loved one. New Delhi is a more exciting place with many options to entertain, besides buildings and monuments. In this article, you will come to know some of the awesome places to spend an evening around Delhi.

Garden of Five senses

For serene and tranquillity, the Garden of Five Senses will surely provide with the peace and quit environment which will give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy as a couple in the evening in many romantic ways. The garden is situated near to the Mehrauli heritage area in New Delhi. It is many attractive features which makes it different from other garden in Delhi.

Indraprastha Park

Enjoy some time in Indraprastha Park is also known as Millennium Park. It is an ideal spot for couples to enjoy the company of each other. It has a natural beauty filled with beautiful trees, flowers and it is located on the Outer Ring Road in the Delhi east. This park includes include an amphitheatre, a food court and a children’s park.

PVR Anupam Complex

If you are looking for an evening hangout spot with some romantic moments, then the PVR Anupam Complex offers a venue filled with coffee shops, unique restaurants and also bars. This place is loved by everyone in Delhi. You can enjoy in the bars and can get a variety of foods in the restaurants.

Spend your evening at a concert

Music is the best way to reduce stress and to relax for many of us. There are so many auditoriums in Delhi, which host variety of recreational and cultural concerts throughout the year. Thus, listening to a good musical concert in the evening will be another way of entertainment in New Delhi.

Nehru Park

Nehru Park will offer you a wonderful green park, which is a best place to Hangout with friends. It is one of the best famous parks in the capital and also a best picnic spot. It is nicely landscaped and spread over an area of 85 acres. It is an absolute must see for anyone visiting New Delhi.

New Delhi is a city which offers so much to do and see. You should visit the city and explore yourself and find what suits you the best. There are also some famous Refreshment joints like Haldiram’s, Barista and McDonald’s, where you would love to visit with friends for a cup of coffee. So, if you have planned to visit Delhi then visit all the above mentioned places for the better experience. These places are the best places to enjoy time with your friends or family members.

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Thursday, 02 October 2014

Welcome to my blog

Sweet 16 Cafe. Noida favourite food blog

Howdy all. I am Karen, a food blogger and an Australian citizen staying in Noida. My blog is a brand new destination to share my and your thoughts on food as its the thoughts which gave India its independence and its the thoughts which will make sure that my food blog is a hit in Noida. Yeah I think Local.

So what sort of content I am cooking here:

Well nothing personal but I need content in India its food and would love to post content which can help a food blogger or a person who wants to built a career in Indian Food Industry. This is the real goal of this food blog.

Why I started this food blog:

Well in Noida Saturday and Sunday are lame days. So I travel regularly and cook as its my passion. This passion of mine gave me an idea to start this blog. So thats the story behind my cuisine blog.

Want to connect and cook?:

Yep! Lets connect and cook. If you are a food blogger or run a food business than contact me asap…. Let write some epic stories and share some sweet yummy cuisine stories.

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